Last updated: June 5th 2022.

This terms will be vividly disclose for our service and participation.
- as a registered member, base on the volatility of crypto market you are advice to decide your method of sales.
- Any risk that may involve while using our services and selling of our token is solely on you.
- Any form of fraudulent activity such as stealing the company asset or a user asset will directly result into blocking and seizing of all asset of the victim.
- Our token has no manually operated, it has been fully deployed on the etherium block chain mainnet. And therefore the price is only affected from the operational demand and supply by users.
- sales of any fake token is highly prohibited because our machine will detect it.
- As a member or user of our services, you have all rights to hold or lock your token depending on you and it will be protected and store in a separate block while you earn interest as long the internet and block chain exist.