Last updated: June 5th 2022.

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Eklipse is a uni-crypto token owned and managed by the "Eklipse Global exchange".
You own right to acquire Eklipse token through the mining section and can as well sell your eklipse.
We choose this technology to profit the society base on crypto currency marketing.
Where new coins are mined and time is stolen from engagers. Of which a good numbers of new coins failed that in turn affect the public as a result of time and trust being invested.
Eklipse token can only be gotten through the mining section inside the Eklipse Global exchange website. And can be tradable and exchanged to Fiat currency inside the website.
Eklipse token has not or will not be in coin market till the token has been Globally adopted.
We therefore plead all users to disclaim any rumor or vibes that claim Eklipse token to have been listed on coin market.
All information about our token will be periodically updated to the public.
There are set of dispatch team who are helping Eklipse Global to run the daily affairs of Eklipse token while we are busy planing and building our great mission and technology.
Continue mining and continue having fun, never forget to lock some of your asset.
A basket sieve the smaller particles away and keep in store the bigger particles.